La Virée d'Al Capone

Wearing a gangster hat, Steve Roy pulls out the moonshine and gets the party started! The actor takes us back to the 1920s, with humour, photos, and videos. Learn a lot about prohibition in the area and laugh out loud! Seen by over 4,000 people, this show has been created to be teamed up with Foresta Lumina, which takes place on the same site. Maximize your experience in Coaticook with these two must-see attractions in the area!


  • Seasonal
  • Schedule  June 17 to September 9, Tuesday to Sunday.
  • Detailed schedule  June 17 to September 9, from Thursday to Sunday inclusively, 7 p.m.


  • Entrance  with fee
  • Detailed rates  Adult: $12.95. Less than 18 yrs. old : $10.90. Family (up to 2 adults and 3 children): $30. Special package with our other show La Cité des Géants. Consult the web site.