Circuits Frontières

Off-trail mountain skiing at Mount Hereford is an epic backcountry experience! Mount Hereford (864 m.) offers two mountain skiing slopes: versant des Trois Dames and des Piments. Skiers can reach these slopes on their own using climbing skins or snowshoes. Versant des Trois Dames is accessible from the top of Mount Hereford, a 250 m. intermediate-expert slope. Versant des Piments is a 200 m. slope, accessible from the parking lot. It can be skied repeatedly using the trail located east of the ski area or be skied after the Trois Dames slope by following the access trail on a 3-km stretch which links to des Piments slope for a total of 450 m.


  • Total length Snowshoeing Trails (km)  5.7
  • Number of Snowshoeing Trails  2
  • Number of intermediate trails (Snowshoeing)  2
  • Total length cross-country skiing trails (km)  Mountain skiing or off-trail skiing.
  • Dogs permitted on leash
  • Characteristics  Mountain skiing or off-trail skiing


  • Parking


  • Detailed schedule  Winter season, days only.


  • Entrance  with fee
  • Detailed rates  Daily access: $22 (including FQME insurance) - $12 for FQME member. Season pass: $82 (includinf FQME insurance) - $50 for FQME member. Snowshoeing: free access.