L'érable au fil du temps

L’Érable au fil du temps, a living museum open year-round, offers a whole new experience of guided discoveries and sweet treats. A jewel of our heritage and history, maple is at the heart of our traditions. L’Érable au fil du temps allows you to discover all the facets of this liquid gold. A guide tour on a wagon takes you through a healthy sugar bush. See at all times the processing of maple sugar. Understand all the work of the "sugaring" through a video on the production of maple syrup to the pumping station. Indulge yourself by tasting our maple by-products cooked on site, including the famous taffy on snow. L’Érable au fil du temps is not a sugar shack, but a place of unique discoveries in the peaceful and beautiful setting of our ancestral forest.


  • Open year-round  
  • Exceptions to the regular schedule  
  • Seasonal
  • Schedule  November 30 to May 1.
  • Detailed schedule  Boutique open from November 30 to May 1, 2016. The rest of the year, by reservation. Guided tours for individuals from February 29 to May 1, 2016. Groups of 20 persons and more, year-round, by reservation.


  • Entrance  with fee
  • Detailed rates  Adult: $12. Children: $8. Taxes included.
  • Group rates available