Herbs Orford offers you gardens on a 3-acre site designed for a walking and relaxation along the Mont Orford National Park. A wide variety of herbs, medicinal, and edible plants are sold on site. Natural products made from our plants are sold at the garden kiosk: spices, herbal teas, ointments, oils and more. Large varieties of edible vegetables also on sale. Also, come discover the history of different medicinal traditions by plants throughout the world. A nourishing forest will inspire you to create edible, aesthetic and ecological landscaping, all with minimal maintenance.


  • Seasonal
  • Schedule  May 19 to October 8.
  • Detailed schedule  9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Off season and groups by reservation.
  • Mandatory reservations for groups


  • Entrance  with fee
  • Detailed rates  Weekdays: Free access to the gardens with purchase of a product on site. Guided tours and workshop: regular fares. Weekends: Adult: $10. 6-17 years old: $5. 5 yrs. and under: free. Senior: $8.

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