Laser Plus

Laser tag game - Imagine a game full of action, visual effects and adrenaline! The Laser tag combines the game of hide and seek and virtual games to make it a real and technologically advanced activity. The game takes place in a special environment filled with obstacles, black-lights, fog and lively music. LaserPutt Adventure - LaserPutt will give you a lot of excitement. Families and friends, forget the reality by playing a game of mini golf in this social and interactive environment where colors and decorations are in the spotlight. It is a unique and entertaining experience in an illuminated universe with black-light lighting where the decor, the ball and even your stick seems to emerge from the darkness.


  • Open year-round


  • Entrance  with fee
  • Detailed rates  From $8.55 per person for laser poursuit and $8.95 for LaserPutt.