Ayer's Cliff Tourist Information Relay

By its privileged location on the shores of the splendid Lake Massawippi, the tourist reputation speaks for itself. Our picturesque village is part of the Townships Trail. Many services are offered to the tourist and visitors who contribute in doubling the population of our municipality during summer. From bed and breakfasts to an internationally famous country inn, one of the most beautiful campgrounds of the province, our visitors have many choices for accommodation as well as restaurants and outdoor activities. The tourist information relay displays the following information: map of Quebec, the Massawippi Valley, Ayer's Cliff, the Townships Trail, cyclo-tourism and brochures on accommodation and local restaurants, local stores, bilingual list of What to do? What to see in Ayer's Cliff and the surrounding area? A list of main activities and tourist events is also available.


  • Tourist Information Relay (RIT)


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