Located in a historical building in downtown Sherbrooke, the Siboire microbrewery is a landmark of the Quebec brewing world. The selection of its beer is known to be of the highest quality. In addition, with brewing tubs in full public view, you will certainly be able to satisfy your curiosity and learn more about beer. Whether on the terrace or in the industrial environment of the old train station, you can be sure that tastings will take place in a beautiful setting! You can even satisfy your appetite by enjoying one of the best fish'n chips in the province! In addition to our microbrewery located downtown, a new building has opened its doors near Lac des Nations, at 40, Jacques-Cartier Boulevard South in Sherbrooke.


  • Open year-round
  • Detailed schedule  Monday to Sunday, 8 a.m. to 3 a.m.

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Siboire Jacques-Cartier (Restaurants / Restaurants)

Siboire Jacques-Cartier, our second to open in Sherbrooke, offers a high quality microbrewery and restoration experience. Located near the Lac-des-Nations, Siboire Jacques-Cartier...