CanadaMan / CanadaWoman Xtreme Triathlon

Lac-Mégantic and its surroundings regions will host an extreme triathlon, "a form of Ironman Supreme", which has been very popular in Europe for the past several years. The region will be the first in North America to host such an event, which includes the following competitions: swimming (3.8 km), cycling (180 km) and an Ironman race (42.2 km). The difference with the more traditional Ironman race is that the race itself ends at the top of a mountain, which considerably multiplies the degree of difficulty of the course. In this case, the participants - men and women – will encounter a vertical drop of more or less 4000 meters. They will have 15 hours to reach Mont-Mégantic Park, then travel the last 8.5 km to the observatory, which they will have to reach before midnight.