La Vieille Gare de Richmond


Up to $50

The CN Train Station was built in 1910 and fully renovated with original building materials in 1999. On the main floor you will find 15ft ceilings, with large beams, and hand made stained glass lighting fixtures; the tables, banquets, and shelving are made from original wood found in the building with interior brick walls keeping a warm inviting atmosphere from the past. The reception hall has hardwood flooring with a beautifully finished ceiling designed from the original wood creating a beautiful ambiance. For reservations call 819 826-6655. Our terrace and walk ways are built from the original paving stones from 1910, surrounded by a wooden fence.

More information

  • Free access to Wi-Fi
  • Licensed restaurant
  • Terrace
  • Number of seats  78
  • Number of seats (terrace)  50
  • Direct payment
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

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